Firefox ridiculous memory wasting Finally, solved

Firefox ridiculous memory wasting Finally, solved, download the “Firemin” memory cleaner for Windows, either the portable or the installer; It is one of the very few without spy or malware included !
With the tested portable version the memory usage of Firefox went from 1800 MB !!! to 240 MB with all add-ons enabled and 4 websites in 4 separated tabs opened…
Microsoft & Mozilla, shame on You not being able to solve a rigorous problem like that. Or is it on purpose to promote the even worse MS Edge browser ?

Below are the two screenshots before and after running the tool with the same addons and sites opened:

1st. Firemin not enabled: Mozilla Firefox memory usage: 1,886,7 MB !!!

2nd. Firemin enabled: Mozilla Firefox memory usage: 232,9 MB !!!

As soon as the Firemin memory cleaner for Firefox was enabled, we saw as well a huge lowering of the DELL i7U-laptop, which heated up as hell when running firefox even with one open tab only

The link to this amazing tool is here:

Best of Luck

Your Ganimidis

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